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Reconnaissance Sampling
Northern Nevada

Nevada Industrial Minerals Reconnaissance

In Nevada, Newmont Mining Corporation owns or controls approximately 3,056 square miles of mineral land stretching across the state along the Interstate 80 corridor. In 2003 Newmont completed an industrial minerals inventory of these lands that identified more than 200 prospects. Industrial mineral deposits noted in the inventory included tungsten, barite, limestone, montmorrillonite, diatomite, pumice, glass sand, silica, marble, gypsum, decorative stone and zeolites. Given that Newmont's focus is gold production the industrial minerals prospects have had little additional evaluation beyond the initial inventory.

In May, 2006 Trabits Group obtained a right to evaluate the prospects identified in the inventory. Trabits Group began its evaluation by compiling a "first cut, short list" of prospects based on commodity type and "priority for evaluation" as noted in the inventory field notes. This Trabits Group "short list" included 14 priority prospects for high calcium limestone, barite, clays and silica.

Barite Sampled - 88% BaSO4, SG 4.15
Limestones Sampled - 95.6 % / 97.8% / 96% / 91.2% and 88.3% CaCO3
Silicas Sampled - 99.2 % and 97.9% SiO2

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Newmont Mining, Elko, Nevada

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