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Development of an Improved Cement for Geothermal Wells

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The Project Targets have been formulated as specific performance characteristics that are necessary for a high temperature cement. As such, each of the Project Targets requires measurable data that can be evaluated to determine the success or failure of a particular cement blend. These clear and concise performance characteristics provide a systematic method for initial screening, second stage development and ultimately for the final stage of cement development. This logical progression of scientific study results in five Tasks that lead to realistic project milestones and go / no-go decisions points. In view of the fact that the tasks overlap, the go / no-go decision points have been established at the completion of Project Years 1 and 2.



  1. The Project will continue into the second year if, at the end of Year 1, at least 3 cement samples pass the initial screening. If at least 3 samples pass the initial screen that will give enough confidence that the project objective is viable and the development is heading in the right direction.
  2. The Project will continue into the third year if, at the end of Year 2, at least 2 cement samples are determined to be potential candidates for field testing.


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